Academy of Art University, School of Interactive UI/UX Design

My Role

Concept, Design, 2D Animation, Audio, Video Production


Concept Video: Storyboards, Script, Style Frames


Music: Phillip Glass
Inspiration: Michael S. Schneider’s book “A Beginner’s Guide to Constructing the Universe”

Technology & Tools

Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Adobe Encoder

About the project

Constructing the Universe Concept Video

“Constructing the Universe” is an animated journey into the construction of numbers one through ten exploring the mathematical principles made visible in flowers, shells, crystals, plants, and the human body. 

The concept is inspired by Michael S. Schneider’s book “A Beginner’s Guide to Constructing the Universe”

Project Proposal



Why Am I Doing This? 
To create a beautiful and informative animation on the construction of the mathematical archetypes of nature, art, and science introducig the concepts of sacred geometry in a visual and entertaining way.

Who Is It For?
Target Audience: Ages 10 and older

How Is It Unique?
Sacred geometry is not part of popular culture and merits more visibility in the public domain.

How Does It Help Me?
Provides a portfolio piece that will showcase my skill set within a niche of subject matter that I hope to aquire future projects from.

Story board Development

Design Process







I plan to use a narrative soundtrack that embodies inspiration and hope while setting a ethereal atmosphere. I hope to be able to deliberately sync the movements of the animation with the music.

Musical Inspiration: Phillip Glass, Bjork, Ethereal 

Thank you!