Academy of Art University, School of Interactive UI/UX Design

My Role

Concept, Design, 2D Animation, Audio, Video Production


Concept Video: Storyboards, Script, Style Frames, Animatic, Branding


Music: Adobe Stock, Voice Over: Voicebooking, Illustrations: Adobe Stock

Technology & Tools

Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Adobe Encoder, Procreate

About the project

Community Creative Concept Video

  • Industry: Culture
  • Sector: Interest Community (Arts & Culture)
  • Profile: Local Network
  • Key Market: Nationwide (local communities)

COMMUNITY CREATIVE is a unique private networking platform for local creative communities. It aims to help creatives foster stronger connections while helping their community thrive. With COMMUNITY CREATIVE, local creative communities can now share skills, organize events, live-stream, collaborate and chat to one another and even fundraise for causes that are important to their community.

Creative communities operate on relationships of trust, shared goals and objectives and generate spill-over benefits for all people and communities. By identifying, responding to, and articulating their own needs, creative communities use partnership working to open-up opportunity. They co-design and co-deliver interventions, and challenge preceived ways of thinking about some of the most significant challenges facing society today. 

COMMUNITY CREATIVE generates recommendations and opportunities for new collaborations within communities in culture and innovation that genuinely promote equal, diverse and inclusive equitable partnerships with businesses and community services.

Story board Development


Opening Scene: Logo Animation
Happy, Playful, Dynamic, Inspiring music plays...
Community Creative - where Creativity Cultivates Community. Whether you’re a designer, crafter, maker or painter – freelancing or running your own brand can often be a lonely business. To combat the isolation which solo-makers can feel, it is essential to build your own network of supportive, likeminded creatives. ....But this is often easier said than done... Until now! Introducing “CommunityCreative”  - the first creativity-centric community engagement platform.
Camera: FP POV.

Scene 1:
  Hands typing really fast on a keyboard while creative images flow out of the screen representing the 8 creative types: Artist, Thinker, Adventurer, Maker, Producer, Dreamer, Innovator, Visionary.
Music: Happy, Playful, Dynamic, Inspiring music plays... 
V/O: Are you a Creative? - Artist, Thinker, Adventurer, Maker, Producer, Dreamer, Innovator, or Visionary?
Camera: FP POV - close up.

Scene 2: Studio Office: Woman sitting at desk working on laptop, turns around from facing her desk to facing the camera, pauses, shrugs shoulders, nods “yes” with lonely expression. Color fades out as camera pans out
V/O: We know working as a creative can be a lonely job sometimes...
Camera: SP POV - Camera pulls back to reveal the woman sitting at desk working on laptop - Wide Shot.

Scene 3: Woman turning over rocks to find something underneath - only to find, an earthworm, a beetle, and a... cricket (chirp, chirp, chirp...) screen goes black - stars come-out.
V/O: ...and finding others creatives in your neighborhood can be quite a challenge!
Camera: FP POV - Close-up on hands/rock - diagonal pan from one rock to another. Circle closes in on scene.

Scene 4:
Woman (1/4 profile) looks up. Starry sky  starts to spin. Arced horizon line stays still while stars turn to lines - to represent the spinning motion.
Transition: pan out to Studio Office scene -starry night scene is the laptop screen.
V/O: It can feel like you’re searching for diamonds in the dark.
SFX: birds chirping, happy nature sounds, rainbow animates.

Scene 5: Studio Office Transformation - Beautiful Da /Transition. The woman spins around from her desk to face the camera -as her studio/office disappears behind her as the new scene on her laptop screen grows becoming the woman’s new outdoor lush environment: a bright Beautiful Day! (sunshine, birds, flowers, grass, trees, clouds, blue sky) The woman’s face beams with joy, wonder and delight as she looks up and over. (left to right) to view this new perspective!
Music: tempo- picks-up and/or adds beats.
V/O: Until now!
SFX: birds chirping, happy nature sounds, rainbow animates.
Camera: SP POV - camera pans out - wide shot

Scene 6:
Device: CC Intro (logo animation)
Music: background music continues 
Introducing...Community Creative! The easiest way to connect to creatives in your community!
Camera: FP POV: close-up on mobile device

Scene 7: Device: CC Feature List. Mobile Device screen changes as features are narrated.
Music: background music continues 
Share info & inspiration-Create events -Collaborate on projects-Buy and sell your work or services-Post updates, Promote & inspire one another-Find opportunities-Poll for recommendationsand so much more...
Camera: FP POV: straight on.

Scene 8:
Device-screen task flow animation, Join: Two Creatives excitedly show each other how to join!App Store icon animates on screen - transitions to -iOs and Android App icons -and they animate on screen - transition to loading on device and log-in flow animates./SPLIT SCREEN/Web Curser navigates to and log-in flow animates.
V/O: To Join, simply download the app or sign-up on the website. Log-in. And get ready to Connect, Create, & Cultivate Your Creative Community!
Camera: FP POV: straight on.

Scene 9: Creative starts Connected path! Woman walking forward down Beautiful Day path with device- clicks mural event on her app. She looks-up and sees other creatives and waves at them.
Music: background music continues.
V/O: It’s that simple!
Camera: FP POV:  wide to narrow- focus back to screen mural event.

Scene 10:
Creatives Connecting!
Transition: Mural event on device screen grows off device to encompass entire screen and Woman is now at the Mural event with many other creatives painting a  community mural - flowers pop-up, birds fly, by chirping people connecting, laughing, sharing etc... fades to logo animation.
Music: background music continues
V/O: When Creatives Connect, Communities Thrive! Get connected today and Cultivate your Creative Community...with Community Creative!
Camera: FP POV -Mural event on app screen. grows and turns into the real life mural event the woman is going to. Camera pans from people waving back at woman to others in background, painting, talking, laughing, smiling.SP POV - then slow fade out to logo animation.

Closing Scene: Logo Animation
Music: Happy, Playful, Dynamic, Inspiring music plays...
V/O: Community Creative - where Creativity Cultivates Community
Camera: FP POV

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Style Frames

Where Creativity Cultivates Community

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